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My Work

Acting reels, full projects, etc.

Comedy Reel

... in which Sarah plays a sardonic waitress, a passive-aggressive hipster roommate, an over-eager assistant, and an annoyingly pushy acquaintance.

Drama Reel

... in which Sarah plays a struggling waitress seeking a promotion, a submarine engineer whose invention is imploding, and a resilient heroine facing her abusive ex-boyfriend in the afterlife.

Commercial Fitness Reel

... in which Sarah does a mock at-home yoga practice, with yoga poses, meditation, and constructive rest.

"Life in Waiting" Pilot

... in which Sarah plays Riley, the sardonic but ultimately sweet senior server at chain restaurant, Arnold's.

"Corpse Pose" on Amazon Prime

... in which Sarah plays Avril, a single woman trying to start over in a new apartment after her abusive ex killed himself. Click here to watch the full film.

CASTING: Paid Protesters

... in which Sarah plays several characters auditioning to be Paid Protesters, including an over-the-top diva, a confused sex-pot, a people-pleasing right-winger, a grouchy feminist, and a woman who simply cannot help but look into the camera.

One Minute

... in which Sarah plays a young woman desperately contemplating the impending results of a pregnancy test.

Philomena Sizzle Reel

... in which Sarah plays Philomena, the aggressively cordial daughter of Shrubtown with a horrible secret.

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