Acting Reel

Selected clips from Sarah's best on-screen appearances...
Sarah Misch - Drama Reel

Sarah's Drama Reel includes clips from the award-winning horror short, "Corpse Pose" and indie short film,

"Friday Night."

Sarah Misch - Comedy Reel

Sarah's Comedy Reel includes clips from Episode 4 of the original web series "In Your Dreams," Untitled FX Pilot (Janessica character sides), and the indie feature film, Love 1.0: Even Without You.

Live Performance

Footage from Sarah's theatrical performances...
Philomena Sizzle Reel

Highlights from Sarah's performance in Michael Paul Wirsch's original comedy The Curse of the Babywoman at the NY Fringe Festival (August 2016).

Cranky Cabaret -
"Accident Prone"​​
Cranky Cabaret -
"Claire's Ninth"​​
Bound for Broadway -
"Here I Am"​​
Bound for Broadway -
"Nothing Really Happened"​​
Aftermath Highlights Reel

In August 2013, Sarah had the pleasure of collaborating with an all-female cast to devise Aftermath: a dancetheatreopera. The show incorporated original monologue, song, and movement side by side with classical opera pieces to explore the idea of heart break and to investigate the archetype of Don Giovanni's Donna Elvira, a woman who is constantly running after the wrong man. In Aftermath, Sarah performed two original dance pieces choreograhed by Juliet Ante and was a featured soloist in Robbie Torres' original song "Group Therapy."

Film & New Media

Full versions of some of Sarah's favorite on-camera projects...

One Minute


Sarah plays a young woman awaiting the most important news of her life. This was a 1 minute film conceived and directed by Alex Alessi and created for the Film Riot/Filmstro 1 Minute Film Contest.

Reporter Scene


In this scene excerpt, Sarah plays Marge Cunningham, a dogged political reporter who must unexpectedly confront her ex-boyfriend after he becomes a staffer for a corrupt congressman.

"CASTING: Paid Protesters"


Sarah Misch and John Noel play a total of 10 characters in this comedy sketch that pokes fun at the casting process and our current political climate​​. This short was directed by Justin Rogers and produced by Film Repertory Group.

In Your Dreams Ep. 4 - "The Run-In"

In Your Dreams is a new web series created by and starring the incomparable Sammi Cains and Lisa McGurn and directed by Tyler Newhouse. In "The Run-In," Sarah plays that "friend" you barely want to run into on the street, and you definitely don't want to make plans with.


#ThisAptAintBigEnuff was the Film Repertory Group's submission to the 2013 Winter Film Awards 48 Hour Film Challenge, and it won an honorary mention award at the final screening. Sarah makes a brief appearance as Zoe, mutual friend of the two heroines and obnoxious tourist.


Sarah's voice-over performances...

Sex Gazebo


Sarah recorded Sex Gazebo for the original horror podcast, Apparitions. In Sex Gazebo, Sarah plays Gretchen, an over-sexed teen who desperately wants to get ​​out of her hometown.

Curiosity Jones Pt. 1: A Radio Play

In October 2013, Distilled Theatre Company launched DTC Radio, a series of original radio plays available for free download once a month. As part of their launch, Sarah made her voice-over debut as the title character in Pip Gengenbach's Halloween inspired radio play, Curiosity Jones and the Case of the House on the Hill, Pt. 1. Click the image to the left to download Curiosity Jones and other DTC radio plays on iTunes FOR FREE!