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Hi. I'm Sarah :)

I'm an actor, dancer, filmmaker, educator, and figure model living in Brooklyn, New York. As you may have guessed, I have varied interests, and I like to keep it eclectic.


I was born and raised in Las Vegas, and I started the way many creatives do: as a straight-up weirdo. I spent a non-trivial amount of time staging my Beanie Babies in elaborate, soap opera scenarios and recreating my favorite music videos in my bedroom before discovering that I could do versions of these things in front of people - and they might even applaud at the end! After receiving consistent lunch time attention for a methodically-rehearsed impression of Mya from the Moulin Rouge version of "Lady Marmalade," I knew that I needed to perform. In front of an audience, I felt the least weird I had ever felt.


After high school, I moved to the mothership of weirdos, New York City, to pursue my degree in Educational Theatre at NYU. There, I learned that theatre can be so much more collaborative and experimental than I ever imagined, and I fell in love with new works, movement-based storytelling, and the devising process (I also got a NYS teaching license, but... I let it expire). I left with all the tools I needed to find other weirdos to make art with.


Since then, my passions have only deepened and expanded! In between auditions and gigs, I continue to devise and develop new works as a company member with Improbable Stage and as a part of BiG Theatre Company's artist collective. I have cultivated a newer-found love for filmmaking through creating my own films as an actor and producer with Film Repertory Group, a collective of independent filmmakers. As a figure model, I have posed for studying and established visual artists across New York City and around the world. The things I'm interested in making have never gotten any less weird, and I am forever grateful.


In my free time, I can be found drinking green tea, meticulously curating playlists, engaging in utopian thinking, or hanging out with my husband John and cat-son Joe. Let's create together!

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