Reviews are in for "The Curse of the Babywoman"!

I am having a blast playing ingenue with a twist, Philomena, in Michael Paul Wirsch's original play, The Curse of the Babywoman! We are getting a lot of exciting, interesting, and varied feedback (we weren't expecting any less from an absurdist comedy about a woman who turns into a giant baby at night). Here's some of what the critics had to say about me:

From Michael Block at Theater in the Now: "As Philomena, Sarah Misch was the sole performer to grasp the rhythm of Wirsch's comedy. Misch was able to turn from ingenue to diva on a dime."

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From Gabrielle Steinberg at Theatre is Easy: "Misch plays Philomena with sweet purity, but also with sardonic vivaciousness—a great choice that layers her character very well."

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You have 2 more chances to see The Curse of the Babywoman at the New York International Fringe Festival - Tuesday, 8/23 and Friday, 8/26 at 9:45! Tickets are available at!