Go See a Show Podcast Interview for "The Curse of the Babywoman"!

After our Wednesday matinee, Robert Gonyo (a friend and more importantly, a very multi-talented dude) chatted with myself, playwright Michael Paul Wirsch, and director Olivia Hartle about The Curse of the Babywoman, BiG Theatre Co, and putting up a show in the Fringe for his awesome indie theatre podcast, "Go See a Show."

Check out that interview here: http://goseeashowpodcast.com/2016/08/19/michael-paul-wirsch-olivia-hartle-and-sarah-misch-of-the-curse-of-the-babywoman/

There are 2 more chances to see The Curse of the Babywoman at the New York International Fringe Festival - Tuesday, 8/23 and Friday 8/26 at 9:45 pm! Tickets are available at www.curseofthebabywoman.com!