Sarah Misch is an actor, dancer, and singer, based out of New York City. A Las Vegas native, this desert girl began her theatrical journey at the tender age of 10, appearing in a variety of school plays and community theatre musicals. After high school, she moved to the Big Apple to pursue her B.S. in Educational Theatre at New York University and has never looked back!


Since moving to the city, Sarah has performed in several Off-Off Broadway and Off Broadway productions, most recently including That Which Remains (Improbable Stage), The Curse of the Babywoman (BiG Theatre Co., NYC Fringe), and Full City+: a site-specific serial comedy (dir. Joe Salvatore & Keith Huff). She is a recurring cast member in the touring jukebox musicals, Girls Night: The Musical and 'Twas a Girls Night Before Xmas. Most recently, Sarah embarked on her first national tour with Two Beans Productions/ Theatreworks' inaugural production of The Cat in the Hat as Thing 2.


Sarah has also appeared in a variety of film/new media projects. Favorites include the original sketch "CASTING: Paid Protesters" (Film Repertory Group), the feature film "Love 1.0 Even Without You" (dir. Mehmet Guney), Ep. 4 of the web-series "In Your Dreams" (dir. Tyler Newhouse), and the short film "Friday Night" (Film Repertory Group). Most recently, she self-produced and starred in the original horror short, "Corpse Pose," in conjunction with Film Repertory Group. "Corpse Pose" was selected as an Actor's Green Room BEST OF and is currently being submitted to film festivals.


Sarah is a company member with Improbable Stage, a movement theatre ensemble, and she serves as the Social Media Coordinator/Resident Choreographer for Film Repertory Group, a collective of emerging indie film artists. In addition to being a performer, Sarah is also a New York State certified theatre teacher (grades K-12). Sarah enjoys dabbling in the realms of directing, choreography, and dramaturgy, and she is passionate about creating theatre through ensemble-based processes and exploring the merger of theatre and movement. Sarah is SAG-AFTRA eligible and currently seeking representation.

“Always courageous in her artistic choices, Sarah creates rich characters for the stage that are beautifully grounded in the world of the play, while being completely and originally her own.  Her stage presence is reminiscent of a young Helen Hayes, elegant, gutsy and always captivating.” -Stacy A. Donovan, Artistic Director of Improbable Stage

“Sarah is a focused, grounded, and accessible actor who commits to her work and is fearless in her attempts.  Her accessibility to her emotions always results in an organic approach that is thrilling to coach as well as watch.  I hold her in the highest regard as an actor and person.” - Brett Rigby, vocal coach and agent with CGF Talent


“Whenever I collaborate with Sarah, I appreciate her ability to connect clearly and openly to the emotions at work in any given moment within the play. Her performances reflect a depth of understanding that other actors struggle to uncover, because she is one of the smartest actors I know. Her intelligence is something that I value immensely in the rehearsal room and in performance.” - Joe Salvatore, director, playwright, and NYU professor 


"Sarah Misch’s acting was superb. For me, the stand-out moment was that beautiful smile at the simple pleasure of hanging up the ceiling decoration. It represented so much hope that the fresh start might actually turn out okay. Excellent."

- about "Corpse Pose"

"As Philomena, Sarah Misch was the sole performer to grasp the rhythm of Wirsch's comedy. Misch was able to turn from ingenue to diva on a dime." - Michael Block from "Theater in the Now" about The Curse of the Babywoman

"Misch plays Philomena with sweet purity, but also with sardonic vivaciousness—a great choice that layers her character very well." - Gabriella Steinberg from "Theatre is Easy" about The Curse of the Babywoman

"... the cast features many gifted performers, notably the raven-haired Sarah Misch as an effortlessly sensual playwright named Nora." - Jake Lipton from "NYTheater Now" about Destiny is Judd Nelson